How to Choose the Perfect Planner for Your Lifestyle

The start of a new year, month, or even week often brings the promise of new beginnings and fresh commitments to self-improvement. At the heart of this optimistic outlook is the essential tool that helps you make it all happen: a planner. But with so many types out there, how do you choose the perfect one? Here’s a comprehensive guide from Penguin Stories to help you make the best choice.


What Are Your Needs?

Different lifestyles require different planning tools. Whether you're a busy mom, a career-focused individual, or a student, your planning needs will vary. Consider these elements:

  • Family: Need a centralized planning hub? Our large wall planners or magnetic fridge planners could be your savior.

  • Career: Constant meetings and tight deadlines? Opt for a planner that allows detailed time-blocking.

Environmentally Conscious? We've Got You!

If you are eco-conscious and committed to a greener lifestyle, our sustainable and reusable acrylic wall planners are ideal for you.

Visual Planning:

Research from educational theorists indicates that 65% of people are visual learners. Our planners are designed to cater to this majority, offering a comprehensive visual overview of your month or week at a glance.

The Power of Magnets:

Penguin Stories' magnetic fridge planners bring a new level of convenience to planning. Stick it to your fridge, and you've got an immediate, centralized location for all your family's activities.


Choosing the right planner can significantly impact your ability to manage time and achieve your goals. From family life to work commitments, Penguin Stories has a range of options to suit everyone. Visit our shop today and find your perfect planning partner.

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