At Mindful Willow, we understand the importance of clarity and intention in crafting the life you desire. Our planners and vision tools are thoughtfully designed to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, goal setting, and mindful living, helping you align your daily actions with your deepest aspirations.

With our products, you embark on a process of mapping out your future, setting realistic and meaningful goals, and breaking them into manageable steps. This approach ensures consistent progress towards crafting a life story that resonates with your true self.

Our planners go beyond daily task management. They are instruments for focusing on priorities, harnessing time effectively, and seizing every opportunity that aligns with your vision. Whether you’re turning a new page, pursuing an exciting adventure, or seeking transformative growth, Mindful Willow is here to support you. Embrace our tools to nurture a purposeful and fulfilling life story, starting now. Let Mindful Willow be your companion on this journey to manifest the life you've envisioned.

Our Founder

As a dreamer and an achiever, my passion lies in the power of visualization and intentional living. I firmly believe in the Law of Attraction and the ability to manifest our dream lives through positive thinking and visualization. My love for affirmations, vision boards, and mindfulness practices is what drives me to empower others on their self-discovery journey.

Egita - The Founder of Penguin Stories

However, I also understand the significance of staying organized and grounded. Our meticulously designed products, from planners to vision tools, offer elegant solutions for a clear and structured life. They are more than just organizational aids; they are catalysts for turning your dreams into reality.

At Mindful Willow, we combine the art of dreaming with the science of doing. Our products are not just tools; they're extensions of your intentions, helping you stay focused, organized, and motivated. Whether you're a visionary like me or someone who cherishes structure and clarity, Mindful Willow is here to guide you in writing your own meaningful life story.


Our brand journey is a tale of evolution, growth, and embracing change. It all began with a nickname - "little penguin" - given to my daughter during pregnancy, symbolizing the start of a new chapter in our lives. This nickname inspired the creation of Penguin Stories, a brand that embodied our values of community, perseverance, and adaptability, just like the resilient penguins that can thrive in the harshest environments.

Penguin Stories started as a celebration of life, love, and adventure, encouraging everyone to create their own unique stories. It was a reminder that despite life's challenges, we all have the strength and resilience to shape our destinies. Our first product wasacrylic wall planner "Clear vision".

However, as our family grew and evolved, so did our brand. Our daughter, once nicknamed "little penguin," blossomed into a young girl with dreams and aspirations of her own. This growth mirrored the evolution of our brand and its offerings. We realized that our mission extended beyond organizing and planning daily tasks; it was about empowering individuals to live mindfully, with clarity and purpose.

This realization led to the birth of Mindful Willow, a name that holds a personal significance, as Willow is my surname. It symbolizes our commitment to nurturing mindfulness, self-awareness, and intentional living. The willow tree, known for its strength, flexibility, and deep roots, perfectly represents our brand ethos. It reflects our belief in the power of adaptability, resilience, and personal growth.

Mindful Willow is not just a brand; it's a journey towards discovering and realizing one's full potential. We're here to provide tools and resources that help you align your life with your true aspirations, enabling you to craft a life story filled with purpose and fulfillment.

We are excited to welcome you to Mindful Willow, where your story of mindfulness, clarity, and intentional living begins. Join us as we continue the adventure that started with Penguin Stories, now growing deeper and reaching further with Mindful Willow.